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Changed Times, 15min, 2019

Produced by Snack Productions

Film by Nina B

Music and sound design by M. Kuderski

What can any one person do to address the growing levels of homelessness across the country? For one group in London, the answer was simple. Find an empty property, do it up and then fill it up. 


Changed Times tells the powerful story of a community coming together to tackle one of the greatest injustices of modern Britain: the homelessness crisis. Film-maker Nina B charts the progress of this group of volunteers as the days and weeks pass, following the highs and lows of those trying to make a difference. 


The idea is simple: take a derelict building that has been sat empty for years and magic up beds, sofas, food, and everything else. This is what happens when people take a different approach, as one of the volunteers puts it: "We're trying to do something decent, we're trying to do something right."